Flat Iron Steak, the Steak for a Busy Day


Sometimes you need a nice quick and easy meal. I know that after a long day at work and on the farm I want to have a quick meal so I can finish up and relax.

Eating healthy on a busy day can be a real challenge sometimes. However, one cut of meat I have been eating recently can be really helpful for cooking when you don’t have a lot of time.

Flat Iron Steak. These are thin steaks that are very lean. They are not of the same eating quality as a Rib Rye or Filet steak, but they are still very tasty!

Because they are very thin, and very lean, it is important not to over cook them.

Here is how I like to do it.

You will first need to thaw the steak. The fastest way is to put it in a bowl of nice warm water.

After the steak is thawed, and up to room temperature, season to taste, I am not too fancy so I just use salt and pepper but you can get as fancy as you like!

You will now want to slice the steak into thin strips. This makes it even faster to cook because the pieces of meat are even thinner.

To cook, heat up a pan on the stove and add some cooking oil, preferably animal based oil such as lard or butter, or good plant based oils like coconut or olive oil.

Once the pan is good and hot, place the strips in the pan and sear them on both sides. This should only take a couple of minutes, due to their narrow thickness.

Finally, enjoy! In just a couple of minutes you have a meat dish ready to serve!

So if you have a busy day planned, and know you won’t have a lot of time to cook, set the steak out to thaw in the morning, and when you get home you can have a meal in just a few minutes!

While on the theme of recipes, do you have some favorite recipes that use my products?

I would like to put together a bunch of recipes to give out to new customers, and to share on this blog. Would you be so kind as to comment below with some of your favorite recipes? I would love to hear how you use Growing Pastures Farm Meats, and be able to include them in the list!

Thank you!


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