How I Became Concerned About Real Food

Hello everyone!

It is always interesting how we go through life and come to realizations about things that are important.

You and I are concerned about local, nutrient dense food, but I am sure we came to this point of concern in totally different ways.

Maybe it was when you were really sick and the only solution you had was to change the way you ate.

Or maybe it was when you learned about how our body works, and you realized the importance of filling it with the right food.

For me it was totally different.

I fell in love with farming as a young kid, probably about 7 years old or so. At that age I didn’t know anything about sustainable farming, and had never heard the word “organic”.

What I knew of as farming was the conventional systems that the farmers in my area used.

But then one day a few years later I heard about farming legend Joel Salatin.

My family visited his farm, I stared reading his books, and that was when I was exposed to this style of farming and food.

I am not sure what it was that drew me to this style of farming. I like to think it appealed to me because I knew it was right.

When things are right, you just know it!

As I learned more I came to understand the importance of eating food that was grown this way. To this day, through folks like the Weston A. Price Foundation, I am continuing to learn these things.

The more I learn, and the more I see the negative results of conventional food production, the more passionate I become about producing and eating real food!

So what is your story? I would love to hear it. Just comment below to tell me!


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