Save Time and Money and Eat Great Pork!

Hi folks!

Do you ever have the challenge of running out of meat during the week, and then having to settle for store bought meat until you can make a trip to buy from your local farmer?

Are you ever looking for a way to save some money while still supporting local farmers and getting good food?

If so, I have the perfect offer for you right now.

Bulk pork.

By buying a whole, half, or quarter hog, you will have a steady supply of pork in your freezer (no more running out of meat in the middle of the week), and will save some money to boot.

Here is what you will get:

Total amounts fluctuate, but you should get 150-200 pounds of meat, and it will only cost $5-6 per pound. So, for the price of my least expensive cuts of pork, you can have everything from pork chops to sausage to roasts. 

If a whole pig is too much pork for you, no worries, you can also buy a half or quarter. In other words, you can receive roughly 150-200 pounds (whole), 75-100 pounds (half), or 38-50 pounds (quarter).

I only have a few spots left so be sure to contact me soon.

Please email me at or call/text me at (540) 333-6552 to sign up, or ask any questions.

Thank you!


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