Introducing the Growing Pastures Farm Podcast!

Hello everyone!

I always enjoy listening to podcasts, and I though maybe you would enjoy hearing about life on the farm through a podcast.

This is the pilot episode. If you like the idea I will make them a regular thing. I want to make relatively short. This one is about 10 minutes long.

It is just me recording myself as I go around the farm doing my morning chores. Let me know if you like it! It’s not the highest quality, but I hope it can help you feel like you are right there with me!

Give it a listen, and then comment below to tell me how you like it! 


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2 thoughts on “Introducing the Growing Pastures Farm Podcast!

  1. Joe Donahue Reply

    Good first effort! I enjoyed listening. Tried to find a video to this, but guess it is only audio! I could follow as I’d been there, so it was still interesting. Hope the Saturday market went well. luv to all!

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